Corporate responsibility

At Falck, we care about people and the communities we serve

We are committed to ensuring that our business practices are safe, responsible and transparent.

Our approach

We go to work every day with the promise to be there for our customers, people and partners. We care. And we seek at all times to act according to the highest ethical standards.

Our approach in business as well as towards our people is based on our Winning Behaviours, our Code of Conduct and our belief in equal opportunities and fair treatment. And we actively promote equal opportunities and fair treatment through our global Diversity and Inclusion Policy.


whistleblower reports in 2019

18.000+ employees

trained in Code of Conduct and whistleblower system


anonymous reports in 2019

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Strong corporate governance and compliance

Strong corporate governance and compliance is a natural and important element in the achievement of Falck’s goal and strategy.

With our corporate governance work, we aim to ensure that the structure and function of all decision-making bodies are the best possible for our business and our stakeholders.

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Who we are

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance