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​​​Falck was founded in 1906 by Sophus Falck, in Copenhagen Denmark, and today we are present in 45 countries across the globe and this is supported by more than 38,000 employees.

Falck operates the world’s largest private fire brigade - Since the inauguration of the company in 1906 one of our core areas of operation has been fire  fighting, and we now have more than 100 years of experience as a  fire service provider, to both public authorities and industrial clients. Since 2006, Falck has been the leading international provider of industrial  fire and rescue services for high-risk industries and airports. Today Falck Fire Services operates the world’s largest private fire  fighting company and has developed many of the best practices used globally.

Falck operates the world’s largest intercontinental ambulance service - We provide emergency medical services to the general public in 18 countries in close collaboration with the authorities and private industry. Falck has the world’s largest ambulance  fleet which last year responded to well over four million emergency calls in addition to which we also provide a large number of other prehospital services and site based clinics including emergency helicopters and rapid response units with paramedics, nurses and doctors.

Falck is the world’s largest provider of offshore safety services - In the area of workplace-related safety training courses and safety services, including rescue and emergency services, especially for the offshore and maritime sectors Falck is the world’s leading provider. With 38 training centres in 19 countries on six continents companies in the chemical, aviation and mining industries also avail themselves of Falck’s special skills and expertise, which have been developed in close collaboration with international business partners and on the basis of Falck’s more than 100 years of experience in rescue services.

Our Falck Global Assistance delivers health, safety and security risk management solutions to global companies and their global workforce as well as to travelers through strategically positioned Global Assistance Centers.

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