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Inspection, test and maintenance

Falck Emergency Services has experience and professional expertise in all facets of portable, passive and fixed fire protection systems. We ensure all your fire protection equipment will operate effectively in an emergency.

We install and maintain all fire protection equipment to current Australian Standards using qualified staff. Our systems are internationally quality certified, and we are recognised as code of practice compliant with the Fire Protection Association of Australia.

Australia and NFPA Fire Protection Standards contain requirements for periodic inspection, testing and maintenance. Ensuring the reliability and performance of fire protection systems as they age in place is crucial in meeting fire safety design objectives. 

We have experience and the technology to inspect, test and maintain:

  • Fire tank inspections (Remotely Operated Vehicle)
  • F&GS water flow tests (ultrasonic) - performance
  • F&GS pipeline and fire tank thickness testing (ultrasonic) - mechanical integrity
  • Internal fire pipeline inspections (corrosion, obstructions)
  • Fire pump ITM and performance testings
  • Fire extinguishers, hoses, reels and hydrants
  • A wide range of life safety equipment including safety showers and rescue gear
  • Fire detection and alarm systems
  • Special hazard systems
  • Passive fire and smoke systems
  • Sprinkler systems 

Our staff are trained to diagnose faults, then repair or replace components and reinstate your fire systems rapidly and effciently. We support our clients with 24 hour / 7 day service through an Australian Call Centre and dispatch our technicians to assist. All staff use electronic records management systems to give you accurate, accountable, consistent and timely records of service.


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