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Corrosion Control

Signs of corrosion in sprinkler systems? We can help you!

Fire Sprinkler systems often include the components of metal, water and air. Stagnant oxygen rich waters that are held at relatively high pressures become ideal conditions for corrosion. Over recent years the Fire Protection Industry has become increasingly aware of pipe failure incidents involving microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC). Pipe failures span from pinhole leaks through to blockages in pipes and sprinkler heads.

If you are effected you can now source effective detection, diagnosis and treatment within Australia and New Zealand. Falck has exclusively partnered with Huguenot Laboratories Inc. to provide leading edge MIC solution to Australia and New Zealand.

Do you have or do you want to proactively prevent any signs of MIC in your sprinkler system, such as:

  • black water with a foul, rotten egg odor
  • reduced water pressure and flow
  •  any signs of rust during flow testsin
  •  visible signs of corrosion along pipework

If this is the case we at Falck can help you. We are pleased to offer solutions from Huguenots Laboratories:

  • Detection and Diagnosis through water chemistry sampling and tests, ultrasonic thickness testing and internal pipe inspections
  • Flushing and cleaning using environmentally friendly products
  • Supplying and installing state of the art chemical feed treatment systems to stop corrosion in it’s tracks
  • Corrosion monitoring using coupon measurements
  • Reducing trapped air in sprinkler systems with wet sprinkler air release systems

Through Huguenot, we also provide systems for controlling corrosion in dry pipe/pre-action sprinklers using nitrogen generators instead of compressed air supervisory systems. 


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