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At Falck, you are a trusted member of a professional team built on care. Here, you have thousands of colleagues always ready to step in with help, support, and answers when you need it. We have different skills and personalities, but we all act with care at heart. We care for people in need, for each other, our customers, our company, and society.

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“IT is an integrated part of our company today. We provide critical IT services that enables Falck to provide core services”

Ali Imran is easy to like. Pleasant and curious, he comes across with a charm and enthusiasm that’s hard to resist. He likes to figure out how things work. He likes complex challenges. And he has a knack for solving problems. As IT Contract & Vendor Manager at Falck, he has found the perfect way to combine his curious nature with his drive to root out problems before they arise.

Meet Ali

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”Everything we do in Falck – even us lawyers – is about saving and improving lives. It’s absolutely inseparable from what our front liners do.”

Metaphorically, lawyers are often used to put out fires. And in his time, Rasmus Kirkeby Salling has put out his share of fires. But Rasmus is not very fond of fighting fires. He prefers to be part of something where he can create solutions. As Lead Legal Counsel for Falck’s global ambulance and fire businesses, he has found the perfect place to vent his ambitious nature while doing good.

Meet Rasmus

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“I like environments that create opportunities to make a difference”

As Senior Vice President and head of Falck’s European Ambulance and Fire business, Lars has found the perfect way to combine his love of challenges with making a difference while living abroad.  

Meet Lars

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"Once you put on the uniform, it’s not just an obligation. It’s a commitment.”

Najim Stitou is a small man with a big heart. He likes people. He likes to help. And he likes action. As a Roadside Assistance Technician at Falck, he has found the perfect way to give his energy and urge to help direction and purpose.

Meet Najim

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”In every decision I make, my focus is our employees. Always.”

Greta Nyström is a tough woman. Mother of seven, Specialist Nurse, and former owner of her own company she doesn’t like to be told what to do – or how to do it. As Station Manager in Falck, she has found the perfect way to combine her love for emergency care and people management.

Meet Greta

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“It has put me massively out of my comfort zone. But that’s how you grow as a person.”

Tony Sivills likes to do things in threes. He spent three years as a Site Protection Officer. Three years as a Crew Commander, and three years as Station Commander. As a Fire Engineer for Falck, he has found the perfect way to combine his practical skills with his academic interests – and put himself out of his comfort zone again.

Meet Tony

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“I like to be first on the scene and make the decisions.”

Ferhat Baysal is a pleasant man. Calm, kind and considerate. But he is also a man of action. A man who trusts his own experience and training to make the right call in an emergency. And for Ferhat, riding the Falck Ambulances as a Specialist Nurse is a dream come true.

Meet Ferhat

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“In training, you can learn from your mistakes. That’s not an option when lives are at stake.”

Firefighter Rasmus Lund has found the perfect way to balance his wish to help others with his need for action in Falck.

Meet Rasmus

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”At the end of the day, I like to know that I work for a company that makes a positive contribution to society.”

Kevin Sumner is not your typical run of the mill financial careerist. In fact, he is quite the opposite. Expatriate. Globetrotter. Professional basketball player and all-around nice guy with a talent for accounting and IT. As Financial Business Controller in Falck, Kevin has found the perfect place to align his interests in data and analytics with his passion for accounting and IT.

Meet Kevin

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“I love it when we succeed in implementing a change that makes my colleagues better and happier.”

Martin Betzer is a man of many talents: Paramedic and Ambulance Instructor; holds a degree in Health Research and is studying for an MBA. He’s ambitious. Impatient. Energetic. A classic doer. As Head of Quality and Development at Falck Ambulances, he has found the perfect way to give in to his urge for challenging status quo to drive positive change.

Meet Martin

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