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We are capable and prepared to act for healthier communities. Regardless what your dreams and ambitions are, Falck offers exciting career opportunities with meaningful impact on you and society at large

We are on a journey to strengthen our position as an international market leader and we want you on board. From corporate functions to the frontline, you will experience a world of diverse professions, a wide range of opportunities, and professional colleagues who act with care at heart. No matter which role you pursue, you can find a variety of rewarding tasks to develop your personal and professional skills. At Falck, you will succeed with compassion and action. We rely on people with drive, skills, and compassion to improve the way we provide care, assistance, and ultimately save lives. Your career will unquestionably have real life impact, as we rescue, assist and reassure people in need. That is why a career with Falck impacts more lives than your own.

As a global company, we have a simple and secure online process to handle job applications across our locations all over the world. You can only apply online – and you can be sure that your application will be treated confidentially and impartially. At this page we will give you an idea of what to expect, the structure of the recruitment process and give you some tips on how to succeed.

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What to expect

We wish to give all candidates a great experience and impression of Falck – the ones we hire but just as much the ones we don’t hire. We treat all candidates with respect and provide you with timely feedback on your application.

During the recruitment and selection processes, we use a combination of different types of evaluation of your application including screening questions, interviews, assessment tools and reference checks to ensure a perfect match between the position and candidate.

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Falck aims to be an organisation that attracts, develops and promotes a diverse range of talent. Diversity is emphasized throughout the recruitment and selection process to ensure balanced teams while still hiring the best-suited candidates. Best-suited candidates are considered as individuals possessing the right set of competencies for the vacant position, the right attitude and behaviours, and commitment to contribute to the Falck business and corresponding strategies.

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The recruitment process

The recruitment process will vary from role to role and location to location, but below outline will give you an overall idea of the process across our locations and job functions:

1. Application

Once you have sent your application through our recruitment system, you will receive an automated email confirmation. We process all incoming applications on a continuous basis, and we aim to provide you with feedback as soon as possible and no later than three weeks after the application deadline. See all our vacancies here.

2. Screening

Your application will be screened by the Hiring Manager and/or a member of our Recruitment team. As part of the screening process we might in some cases conduct an initial phone interview to get a better understanding of your profile and motivation for applying.

3. Interview

Depending on the role and location, one or several interviews will be required.

The first interview will typically be an in-person interview with the hiring manager or hiring committee at one of our Falck premises. This interview will explore your experiences and skills and will also provide you with an opportunity to get to know Falck better and understand more about the position.

A potential second interview could involve Talent Acquisition/HR and conversations with senior management. These interviews are more in dept, focusing more on role specific competencies and behaviour. 

4. Assessment

For most positions different kinds of assessment will be included in the recruitment process. This may include behavioural, cognitive and physical assessments depending on the requirements of the positions.

5. Pre-employment screening

Different screenings and reference checks in terms of employments history and criminal records may apply to different roles and locations and you should be prepared to provide such information as part of the recruitment process.

6. Offer of employment

If you make it to this part of the process, we will extend a job offer to you – first verbally and then more formally with an offer letter including all important details and onboarding information. Soon after this you will receive a link to begin your pre-boarding before your first day at Falck.

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