Who we are

Life is precious

In a world of constant changes, people’s needs and expectations keep evolving- except for the need for good health and feeling safe. Through our varied offers of healthcare and emergency health and safety services, we have made it our responsibility to help even more people around the world live healthy lives.

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People are at the heart of every action

Constantly exploring new technology and innovating our services, we strive to meet new challenges and provide more people access to safety and healthcare every day. With our purpose to advance sustainable healthcare, we combine our skills, experience, and innovation to help people when they need us.

Our purpose:

Advance sustainable healthcare to meet people’s changing needs.

To us, quality means a holistic approach to health throughout a lifetime. When we prevent or treat injuries and illness, we consider the body, mind, lifestyle, and the mutual effects on each other.  Even as people’s needs change, easy care journeys and access to quality healthcare allow everyone to feel safe and healthy.


We have made it our responsibility to care for people and society.


As an international team of highly skilled people, we are there when you need us.


We discover new ways to make a difference to even more people.

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We are a people company

More than 25,000 skilled and experienced professionals work in 26 countries around the world. Characterised by a strong, diverse, and inclusive working environment, we go to work every day with the promise to be there when you need us. From prevention to treatment and in critical situations, you can rely on us to turn care into action. We show up to make a difference and help build healthy communities and develop safe and diverse workplaces. Every day.

Our culture

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The solutions of tomorrow

Deploying our deep understanding of people’s needs, we continue exploring and innovating our offers to stay at the forefront of healthcare and emergency services. With the help of new technology and digital solutions, we help even more people live safe and healthy lives. We are constantly challenging the status quo and meeting the challenges of today with the solutions of tomorrow.

Our innovation approach

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Who we are

Who we are

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance