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David Wirrpanda Foundation

Falck is proud of its alliance partnership with the David Wirrpanda Foundation. The Foundation exists to improve the life outcomes of indigenous children by promoting strong role models and healthy life choices. Launched in 2005 with the support of Woodside Energy as its founding sponsor, the Foundation's focus is to:
  • Increase the retention of indigenous students in school, and
  • Improve their life choices after leaving school by encouraging further study or entry into the workforce.
​In conjunction with the Foundations 'Plan 2Day 4 2Morrow' employment program, Falck provide informative business presentations to program participants to increase their knowledge and understanding of remote site operations as well as to encourage their involvement with the Falck Secure Tomorrow Scholarship. The Falck Secure Tomorrow Scholarship provides the opportunity for program participants to have a career in the expanding security industry whereby we, in conjunction with the Foundation, select and interview program participants who posses and display the attributes and qualities suitable for Security Officer selection. The Falck Secure Tomorrow Scholarship provides the finance for them to complete a Certificate II Security Operations Course, after which we nurture, mentor and add value to their employment opportunities at remote industrial sites where we have a presence.

We also provide program participants with practical and scenario based first aid training. This nationally accredited training provides them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to apply first aid in everyday situations.

Our company staff are provided the opportunity to attend the Foundation's cultural awareness training as part of its 'Deadly Culture Program'. This helps to raise the understanding of indigenous issues within our workforce which in itself creates opportunities for us to have enhanced interactions and harmony with indigenous people, including those whom we employ, work with on site, and with remote community members.

Our involvement with the David Wirrpanda Foundation continues to promote strong role modelling and the provision of healthy life choices for indigenous children.

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